Lelystad Airport Based Aircraft

Lelystad Airport (LEY/EHLE) is the biggest general aviation airport in the Netherlands. At Lelystad Airport you can find a lot of aircraft: single engine, multi engine, helicopters, vintage aircraft and even private jets. Most aircraft are privately owned or owned by various flight schools at the airport.

See legend below for explanation of the Categories

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Lelystad Airport Based Aircraft

RegistrationAircraft typeOwnerCategoryRemarks 
210Lockheed SP-2A NeptuneAviodromeA
227Agusta-Bell (I)UH-1BAviodromeA,H(PH-EUY)
473Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21AviodromeA
562Antonov (PZL-Mielec) An-2RAviodromeA
37901Saab AJSH37 ViggenAviodromeA
42012Westland WS-51 Dragonfly HR3AviodromeA
42249North American B-25D MitchellAviodromeANose only
-Airbus A321-231Xtrata25Sex EI-ETK (3 pieces)
-Ayres S2R-T34 Thrush CommanderBogaerds Cord.Sex D2-ECV
-Bell 206B JetRanger IIHeliCentreH, Sex PJ-BSH, for sale
-Bleriot XIAviodromeA
-CASA (Bücker) 1.131E JungmannStichting Vroege VogelsSFrame only, ex E3B-560
-Fokker 50 fuselage (never build)Fire BrigadeSFor training
-Fokker 50 nose section (never build)Fire BrigadeSFor training
-Fokker D.VII (2-seater) replicaAviodromeAUnder construction
-Lilienthal glider (replica)AviodromeA
-Lockheed F-104G StarfighterAviodromeAex 22+90 GAF
-Noorduyn (North American) AT-16 HarvardAviodromeAex B-73 RNLAF
-Socata TB.200 Tobago XLFire BrigadeSex PH-WPO
-Wright Flyer, Type A (replica)AviodromeA
151/VGrumman US-2N TrackerAviodromeA
152/17Fokker DRI Triplane (replica)AviodromeA
159/VGrumman US-2N TrackerAviodromeAStored
2-MAPZBeech C90A King AirZeusch AviationJ,T
2-ZEUZBeech C90A King AirZeusch AviationJ,T
3.S-10Nord 1101 Noralpha (Ramier)Stichting Vroege VogelsSex F-BLLO, to become PH-NRD
3W-32Gloster Meteor F 8AviodromeA
3W-KSupermarine Spitfire (replica)AviodromeA
59 RYAvions Mignet HM1000 BaleritAviodromeA
A-38De Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth IIAviodromeA
C-16Spyker V.2 replicaAviodromeA
D-8061Lockheed F-104G StarfighterAviodromeA
D-EAWZReims/Cessna F172MPrivate
D-EFZWDiamond DA 20-80 KatanaPrivate
D-EHBLReims/Cessna F172G SkyhawkPrivateS
D-ELAMPiper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IVPrivate
D-ELHSFuji FA-200-180 Aero SubaruZelf Vliegen B.V.
D-EMWYReims/Cessna F172EPrivateS
D-ENZEScheibe SF.23C SperlingPrivate
D-ERJSSocata TB-9 Tampico ClubPrivate
D-ETIGAmerican General AG-5B TigerPrivate
D-ETONSocata TB-10 TobagoMartinair Flight Academyto become PH-MLW
D-ETSWPiper PA-32R-301 Saratoga II HPPrivate
D-EUGDCessna 172H SkyhawkPrivate
D-HMIMSchweizer 300CRotor and WingsH
F-BNYCGardan GY-80-180 HorizonPrivate
F-HABCMooney M20M TLSPrivateAlso based in France
G-AEOFMignet H.M.14AviodromeAStored T2-Hangar
G-BJSV Piper PA-28-161 Warrior IIVliegclub Flevo
G-BWMSDe Havilland DH-82A Tiger MothStichting Vroege VogelsSFrame only
G-CIRUCirrus SR20 XPrivate
G-MEDZBeech B200 Super King AirZeusch AviationJ,T
G-OBFSPiper PA-28-161 Warrior IIVliegclub Flevo
G-OKMAHigh Tech Industries Tri-R KISPrivate
G-SKYVPiper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IVPrivate
G-VAACPiper PA-28-181 Archer IIIPrivate
G-WARHPiper PA-28-161 Warrior IISichting Piper Pilots
HB-ESSFuji FA-200-160 Aero SubaruWings over HollandSFuselage only
H-NABCFokker F.IIAviodromeA
H-NABODe Havilland (Airco) DH-9B replicaAviodromeAUnder construction
H-NADPFokker F-VIIAviodromeA
H-NAEDFokker F.VIII 'Duif'AviodromeAFrame
I-OHDBSocata TB-20 TrinidadMartinair Flight Academyto become PH-MLZ
JZ-PADDe Havilland DH-2 Beaver Mk.1AviodromeAFuselage only
LN-ELGCirrus SR22 GTS g3Private
LN-TFSPiper PA-28-181 Archer IIIPrivate
N102JWSNCAN SV4C StampeStichting Vroege Vogels
N1079EAeronca 7AC ChampionStichting Vroege Vogels
N1247Nieuport 11 C1 ReplicaAviodromeA
N133STSimmons/Bücker 133 Jungmeister (replica)Stichting Vroege VogelsS
N137KMPiper PA-46-500TP MeridianPrivateJ
N145PMCirrus SR22 GTS g3 TurboPrivate
N156EBMorane Saulnier MS.505 CriquetStichting Vroege VogelsSUnder restoration
N157ESCirrus SR22Private
N16623Piper J3C-65 CubAviodromeA
N168GDe Havilland DH-60G Gipsy MothStichting Vroege VogelsS
N172PLReims/Cessna F172EPrivate
N1858Pietenpol Air CamperStichting Vroege VogelsS
N1917KSopwith Camel (replica)Stichting Vroege VogelsS
N196JRPitts S-1T SpecialWings over Holland
N22245Cessna 150HPrivateS
N25FPBeech A36 Bonanza 36Private
N263CDCirrus SR20Private
N264CDCirrus SR20Private
N28AMDe Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth IIStichting Vroege VogelsSUnder restoration
N298SQPiper PA-18-95 Super CubPrivate
N2ZNBeech B90 King AirPrivateLong term overhaul
N313BTVultee BT-13A ValiantStichting Vroege Vogels
N37PFPiper PA-34-200T SenecaPrivateTLong term overhaul
N435CDCirrus SR22 G2Private
N4474Noorduyn UC-64A NorsemanAviodromeAUnder restoration
N456KWBeech 58PA BaronPrivate
N504HA Hiller UH-12EBogaerds Cord.S,H
N5360HPiper PA-16 ClipperPrivate
N542VVMonocoupe 110Stichting Vroege VogelsSFrame only
N58ZSBeech 58 BaronPrivateS,TLong term overhaul
N666MAHiller UH-12EBogaerds Cord.S,H
N6MJReims/Cessna F172NPrivateS
N70889Piper J3C-65 CubBogaerds Cord
N724VBrewster Fleet 7Stichting Vroege VogelsS
N746CDCirrus SR22PrivateS
N747GKCessna 182T SkylanePrivate
N749NLLockheed L-749 ConstellationAviodromeA
N7779VBeech B200 Super King AirPrivateJ,T
N784DBeech 76 DuchessPrivateT
N808KBCirrus SR22 g2Private
N8241MCessna 210K CenturionPrivate
N8325WPiper PA-28-180 CherokeePrivate
N8382EMooney M20AStichting Vroege VogelsSTemp. stored Hasselt (B)
N971JBMooney M20S EaglePrivate
N97NMMooney M20K 252 EncorePrivate
N9885HBeech D17S StaggerwingPrivate
N99280Ercoupe 415CPrivate
OK-NUL 43Conijn 03PrivateEHLE and EHTE based
OO-PATMS893A Rallye Commodore 180Wings over HollandSWreckage
OO-SCDDe Havilland DH-104 DoveAviodromeANose only
PH-Vans RV-12iSPrivateUnder construction
PH-1R.R.G. Zögling 32AviodromeAStored T2-Hangar
PH-1263Diamond HK-36TC Super DimonaStichting Dimona Flyers
PH-170Grunau Baby IIBAviodromeAStored T2-Hangar
PH-1M1 Skyin Sherpa IIBogaerds Cord.S
PH-251Schleicher Ka-4 Rhonlerche IIAviodromeAStored T2-Hangar
PH-2B7Ariane SiroccoAviodromeA
PH-2X1Rans S-6S Coyote IIPrivateS
PH-308Alsema SagittaAviodromeAStored T2-Hangar
PH-375Schleicher Ka-4 Rhonlerche IIAviodromeAStored T2-Hangar
PH-393Schleicher Ka-8BAviodromeAStored T2-Hangar
PH-3D7Kappa KP-2UR SovaPrivateS
PH-3G2TL Ultralight TL-96 StarPrivate
PH-3N1Rans S-6S Coyote IIPrivate
PH-3P6Tecnam P 92-2000 RGZelf Vliegen B.V.
PH-3W8Zenith CH-601 ULPrivate
PH-3Z7Tecnam P92 Echo SuperPrivate
PH-4H8Tecnam P92 Echo SuperPrivate
PH-4K6Zenair CH 601 XL ZodiacPrivate
PH-4N3Blackshape Prime BS100Air Combat Europe / Zelf Vliegen
PH-4N4Blackshape Prime BS100Air Combat Europe / Zelf Vliegen
PH-4P4Blackshape Prime BS100Air Combat Europe / Zelf Vliegen
PH-4Q1Blackshape Prime BS100Air Combat Europe / Zelf Vliegen
PH-4Q6Tecnam P92 Echo SuperPrivate
PH-970Grob G-109PrivateS
PH-ACGFokker S.11.1PrivateSUnder restoration
PH-ACICessna T303 CrusaderAIS Flight AcademyT
PH-ACTCessna 172MPrivate
PH-ACWVelocity 173FGPrivate
PH-ADSVans RV-7Private
PH-AEDPiper PA-28-181 Archer IIIPrivateBased EHLE and EHHV
PH-AISSocata TB-9 TampicoAIS Flight Academy
PH-AJBPiper PA-36-285 Pawnee BraveBogaerds Cord.S
PH-AJUDouglas DC-2-142AviodromeA,T!ERROR! Cell NC39165 does not exist
PH-ALIReimsCessna F150MPrivate
PH-ANUPiper PA-28-151 Cherokee WarriorPrivateSWreckage
PH-APRGrumman G-164B-450 AgCat B Bogaerds Cord.S
PH-APWCirrus SR20 GTSPrivate
PH-APZLambach HL-II (replica)Stichting Vroege Vogels
PH-ARJCessna 150MBogaerds Cord.
PH-ARVARV ARV-1 Super 2Private
PH-ATTSchweizer 300CHeli HollandH
PH-AVTPiper PA-28-181 Archer IIPrivate
PH-AVWRobinson R-44 Raven IIPrivateH
PH-AWCCessna 172P Skyhawk IIAir Waterland
PH-AWXSonex SonexPrivate
PH-BCFSkyStar Kitfox Classic IVPrivate
PH-BCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 32AIS AirlinesJ,TOnly present during maintenance
PH-BECPiper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IVBogaerds Cord.
PH-BEGPiper PA-28-181 Archer IIPrivate
PH-BISSocata TB-9 TampicoAIS Flight Academy
PH-BLEBleriot XI (replica)Stichting Vroege VogelsS
PH-BLWBolkow Bo-207Private
PH-BNKBeech F33C BonanzaPrivate
PH-BUKBoeing 747-206AviodromeA
PH-BZNFuji FA-200-180AO Aero SubaruPrivate
PH-BZTVans RV-12Private
PH-CBBCessna 152 IITom van der MeulenS
PH-CCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 32AIS AirlinesJ,TOnly during maintenance
PH-CISSocata TB-9 TampicoAIS Flight Academy
PH-CJBZenair CH.601HDS ZodiacPrivate
PH-COMPiper PA-30-160 Twin ComanchePrivateT
PH-CORDijkman Dulkes Dijkhastar IIPrivateUnder restoration
PH-CRIColomban MC-15 Cri-CriPrivateT,S
PH-CVHBowers Fly Baby 1BPrivateS
PH-DAIDiamond DA 40D Diamond Star TDIStichting DA40 Flyers
PH-DBOLancair 360Private
PH-DCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 32AIS AirlinesJ,TOnly during maintenance
PH-DDZDouglas DC-3 DakotaAviodromeA,TMartinair c/s
PH-DFESocata TB-10 TobagoKLM Flight Academy
PH-DJMDenney Kitfox Mk. IVPrivateS
PH-DLKDe Havilland DH-82A Tiger MothPrivate
PH-DRIFokker DRI Triplane (replica)Stichting Vroege VogelsSUnder restoration
PH-DRTPiper PA-28-181 Archer IIVliegclub Flevo
PH-DSGCessna 172S Skyhawk SPPrivate
PH-DTSDiamond DA 42 Twin StarWings over HollandT
PH-DTWYakovlev Yak-52Dutch Thunder Yaks
PH-DTXYakovlev Yak-52Dutch Thunder Yaks
PH-DTYYakovlev Yak-52Dutch Thunder Yaks
PH-DUKCessna 185 SkywagonWings over HollandW
PH-EAMReims/Cessna F172N Skyhawk 100PrivateS
PH-EBFFokker DRI (replica)Stichting Vroege VogelsSTemp. stored Hasselt (B)
PH-ECDEurocopter EC120B ColibriHeli HollandH
PH-ECEEurocopter EC120B ColibriHeli HollandH
PH-EDOMignet H.M.14AviodromeA
PH-EGMDiamond DA 40NG Diamond StarPrivate
PH-EHWRobin DR-400-180 RegentPrivate
PH-ELADyn'Aero S MCR ClubPrivate
PH-ELBDyn'Aero S MCR ClubPrivate
PH-ESBSocata TB-10 TobagoMartinair Flight Academy
PH-ESDSocata TB-20 TrinidadPrivate
PH-EVBAero AT-3 R100Zelf Vliegen B.V.
PH-FAIFairchild UC-61A Forwarder (24R-9)Stichting Vroege Vogels
PH-FCHSocata TB-9 TampicoAIS Flight Academy
PH-FCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 32AIS AirlinesJ,TOnly during maintenance
PH-FFTVans RV-12iPrivateUnder construction
PH-FHBPiper PA-46-500TP Malibu MeridianPrivateT
PH-FHFFokker F27-100 FriendshipAviodromeA
PH-FLDDiamond DA 40D Diamond Star TDIStichting DA40 Flyers
PH-FLEReims/Cessna F172NPrivate
PH-FLKDiamond DA 20A-1 KatanaNimbus Air
PH-FLPDiamond DA 20A-1 KatanaStichting Katana Flyers
PH-FVDRobinson R-44 ClipperRotor and WingsH
PH-GAWReims/Cessna F172E SkyhawkBogaerds Cord.S
PH-GEDAero AT-3 R100Zelf Vliegen B.V.
PH-GENPiper J3C-65 CubStichting Vroege Vogels
PH-GISSocata TB-9 Tampico ClubAIS Flight Academy
PH-GRAReims/Cessna F150LPrivate
PH-GRGAmerican General AG-5B TigerPrivate
PH-HBHHughes 300 (269C)Heli HollandH
PH-HBRViking DragonFly Mark IIPrivateS
PH-HCCGuimbal Cabri G2HeliCentreH
PH-HCDGuimbal Cabri G2HeliCentreH
PH-HCERobinson R66 TurbineHeliCentreH
PH-HCFGuimbal Cabri G2HeliCentreH
PH-HCHEurocopter EC120B ColibriHeliCentreH
PH-HCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 32AIS AirlinesJ,TOnly during maintenance
PH-HHASchweizer 330 (269D)Heli HollandH
PH-HHBSchweizer 333 (269D) Heli HollandH
PH-HHHCierva C.30A AutogyroAviodromeAex SE-AFI
PH-HHJAerospatiale AS355F-2 Ecureuil 2Heli HollandH
PH-HHKBell 206L-1 LongRanger IIHeli HollandH
PH-HISSocata TB-9 Tampico ClubAIS Flight Academy
PH-HKMPiper PA-34-200T Seneca IIDynamic AviationS,T
PH-HLMPiper PA-34-200T Seneca IIDynamic AviationS,T
PH-HOGFokker S-11-1 InstructorAviodromeAFokker Four
PH-HOIFokker S-11-1 InstructorAviodromeAFokker Four
PH-HOKFokker S-11-1 InstructorAviodromeAFokker Four
PH-HOLFokker S-11-1 InstructorAviodromeAFokker Four
PH-HUBSocata TBM 700PrivateSFuselage only, is a mobile bar
PH-HVEZenith CH 601 HDSPrivateS
PH-IANRans S-6S Coyote IIPrivate
PH-IISSocata TB-9 TampicoAIS Flight Academy
PH-ISIJunqua IBIS RJ03Private
PH-IXIVans RV-7Private
PH-JATNorth American P-51D MustangStichting Vroege Vogels
PH-JBJPiper PA-34-220T Seneca IIIPrivateT
PH-JDKLambert Mission M212-200Private
PH-JEJFuji FA-200-180AO Aero SubaruWings over HollandS
PH-JHSRans S-6S Super Coyote IIPrivate
PH-JISSocata TB-20 TrinidadAIS Flight Academy
PH-JITDiamond DA 40NG Diamond StarPrivate
PH-JLMUltravia Pelican PLPrivate
PH-JPSRobinson R-44 Raven IIHeliCentreH
PH-KAXPiper PA-28-181 Archer IIKLM Aeroclub
PH-KBACessna 172PKLM Aeroclub
PH-KDLReims/Cessna F152 IIDynamic AviationS
PH-KHDMBB Bo105CBS-4AviodromeA
PH-KLQAquila A210 (AT-01)KLM Aeroclub
PH-KNFPiper PA-18-135 Super CubWings over Holland
PH-KNLPiper PA-18-135 Super CubBogaerds Cord.SFuselage only
PH-KRNCessna 182Q SkylanePrivate
PH-LCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 31AIS AirlinesT,SCanibalized
PH-LEFCessna 182Q SkylaneBogaerds Cord.
PH-LFCFuji FA-200-160 Aero SubaruWings over Holland
PH-LGRVans RV-6Private
PH-LHSSeawind 3000PrivateW
PH-LNCLancair 360Private
PH-LOBEuropa AL Europa XS TGPrivate
PH-LUSLuscombe 8A SilvaireStichting Vroege VogelsS
PH-LVAFokker D.VIIStichting Vroege Vogels
PH-LVHReims/Cessna F172M SkyhawkWings over Holland
PH-MADDe Havilland DH-104 DoveAviodromeAex XJ350 (Sea Devon R.Navy)
PH-MANCZAW SportCruiserPrivateNot permanent
PH-MBIFuji FA-200-160 Aero SubaruWings over HollandS
PH-MBKFuji FA-200-160 Aero SubaruPrivate
PH-MDYMudy CAP-21Wings over Holland
PH-MESCASA (Bücker) 1.131E JungmannStichting Vroege Vogels 'BJ-007', ex N131EB
PH-MFADiamond DA42NG Twin StarMartinair Flight AcademyT
PH-MILSonex SonexPrivate
PH-MISSocata TB-10 TobagoAIS Flight Academy
PH-MLKSocata TB-20 TrinidadMartinair Flight Academy
PH-MLLSocata TB-20 TrinidadMartinair Flight Academy
PH-MLOSocata TB-10 TobagoMartinair Flight Academy
PH-MLQSocata TB-10 TobagoMartinair Flight Academy
PH-MLRSocata TB-10 TobagoMartinair Flight Academy
PH-MLSSocata TB-10 TobagoMartinair Flight Academy
PH-MLUSocata TB-10 TobagoMartinair Flight Academy
PH-MLVSocata TB-10 TobagoMartinair Flight Academy
PH-MSVCASA 1.131E Srs 2000 JungmannPrivateUnder restoration
PH-NCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 32AIS AirlinesJ,TOnly during maintenance
PH-NDCFokker S-12 prototypeAviodromeA
PH-NFHAuster J-1 AutocratAviodromeAStored T2-Hangar
PH-NFTNederlandse Helikopter Industrie H-3 KolibrieAviodromeA
PH-NIEBrady Nieuport 28 (replica)Stichting Vroege Vogels
PH-NISSocata TB-9 TampicoAIS Flight Academy
PH-NNNCZAW SportCruiserPrivate
PH-NOSCZAW SportCruiserPrivateNot permanent
PH-NVFFokker F27-500 FriendshipAviodromeA
PH-OCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 32AIS AirlinesJ,TOnly during maintenance
PH-OFAFokker 100AviodromeA
PH-OHMSocata TB-9 TampicoRotor and Wings
PH-OLLSocata TB-20 TrinidadPrivate
PH-OMPPiper PA-28-181 Archer IIPrivate
PH-OSIFokker 50AviodromeA
PH-PALDyn'Aero S MCR-4SPrivate
PH-PBADouglas DC-3 DakotaDDA Classic Airlines
PH-PCADiamond DA 40D Diamond Star TDIStichting DA40 Flyers
PH-PCVFuji FA-200-180AO Aero Subaru Bogaerds Cord.S
PH-PDAAquila A210 (AT-01)Air Waterlandex G-OPDA, PH-PDA
PH-PDNCessna 182P SkylanePrivate
PH-PEPPitts S-2B SpecialPrivate
PH-PGPPitts S-2A SpecialWings over Holland
PH-PJOCZAW SportCruiserPrivateNot permanent
PH-PLCUltravia PelicanPrivate
PH-PLPVans RV-7Private
PH-PPPPiper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IVPrivateBased EHLE and EHTE
PH-PSINorth American P-51D MustangTom van der MeulenWinter storage
PH-PWPVans RV-7APrivate
PH-RABDiamond DA 40D Diamond Star TDIPrivate
PH-RAPLancair 360PrivateS
PH-RCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 32AIS AirlinesJ,TOnly during maintenance
PH-RCMSocata TB-20 TrinidadPrivate
PH-RICMudry CAP-10BWings over Holland
PH-RIWRobinson R-44 Raven IIHeliCentreH
PH-RLASaab 91D SafirPrivate
PH-RLNSaab 91D SafirAviodromeAStored
PH-RLYCessna 402BHeli HollandT
PH-RMDPiper PA-32R-301T Saratoga II TCPrivate
PH-RPBReims/Cessna F172H SkyhawkPrivate
PH-RPICessna 182R SkylanePrivate
PH-RWYMBB Bo105DBS-4Rotor and WingsH
PH-SACPiper PA-28R-201 Arrow IIIAIS Flight Academy
PH-SAEPiper PA-44-180 Seminole AIS Flight Academy
PH-SAIPiper PA-28R-201 Arrow IIIAIS Flight Academy
PH-SAWAerospatiale SA365 C2 Dauphin IIAviodromeA,H
PH-SCTPiper PA-28-161 Warrior IIVliegclub Flevo
PH-SIVFokker S.IVAviodromeA
PH-SKFCessna 150MPrivate
PH-SKYDyn'Aero S MCR 4SPrivate
PH-SOPSopwith Pup (replica)Stichting Vroege VogelsSex N1915K
PH-SPNFokker Spin IIIAviodromeAStored T2-Hangar
PH-STWCessna 172R Skyhawk IIZelf Vliegen B.V.
PH-STZCessna 172R Skyhawk IIZelf Vliegen B.V.
PH-TARDouglas C-54A Skymaster (DC-4)AviodromeA
PH-TCBDouglas C-47A Skytrain (DC-3)AviodromeAex G-BVOL
PH-TDIDiamond DA 40D Diamond Star TDIStichting DA40 Flyers
PH-TEBSocata TB-10 TobagoAIS Flight Academy
PH-TROSud SE-120 Caravelle IIIAviodromeACockpitsection only
PH-TWNTecnam P.2006TZelf Vliegen B.V.T
PH-TXNNorth American AT-6 TexanWings Over Holland
PH-TXWCirrus SR22 GTSPrivate
PH-UGSPiper PA-28-161 Warrior IIPrivate
PH-USHHOAC DV-20 KatanaWings over Holland
PH-USIHOAC DV-20 KatanaWings over HollandS
PH-USJHOAC DV-20 KatanaWings over Holland
PH-USLDiamond DA 40 Diamond StarWings over Holland
PH-VBAAero Adventure Aventura IIPrivateW,S
PH-VCFSocata TB-10 TobagoAIS Flight Academy
PH-VERCZAW SportCruiserPrivateNot permanent
PH-VFBPiper PA-28-161 CadetPrivate
PH-VFCPiper PA-28-161 CadetVliegclub FlevoS
PH-VINBrändli BX-2 CherryPrivate
PH-VMTPiper PA-28-140 Cherokee BPrivate
PH-VPIEvans VP-1 VolksplaneAviodromeA
PH-VSXPiper PA-28-181 Archer IIIDynamic AviationS
PH-WAIReims/Cessna F172MWings over Holland
PH-WBRCessna 175C SkylarkPrivate
PH-WCUPiper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow IIIPrivate
PH-WEYFokker SpinAviodromeA
PH-WTGEurocopter EC135P2+HeliCentreH,T
PH-WVOCessna 172PKLM Aeroclub
PH-XGNVans RV-6Private
PH-XISSocata TB-9 TampicoAIS Flight AcademySProject with new diesel engine
PH-XIVFokker S-14 MachtrainerAviodromeA
PH-ZEPCameron D-96 Hot AirshipAviodromeA,B
PH-ZLAReims/Cessna FA150K AerobatPrivateS
PH-ZMEVans RV-10PrivateUnder construction
PH-ZVAAero AT-3 R100Zelf Vliegen B.V.
PH-ZWSExtra EA-300/LTLeaseWeb
W.57Van Berkel WA (replica)AviodromeA
WV395Hawker Hunter F51AviodromeA


A Aviodrome B Balloon
H Helicopter J Jet aircraft or turboprop aircraft
S Stored (or wreckage) T Twin Engine Aircraft
U Unknown Status W Sea Plane