Overview Brändli BX-2 Cherry in the Netherlands

The homebuilt Brändli BX-2 Cherry aircraft has proved popular in the Netherlands. Back in the 1980s, Swiss designer Brändli came to the Netherlands with his first aircraft to enthuse builders about his BX-2 Cherry. With success!

PH-WVC Brändli BX-2 Cherry (Teuge, 26 FEB 2022)

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Brändli BX-2 Cherry in the Netherlands

RegistratieTypeBouwerC/NNVAV nr.BouwjaarOpmerkingMotor
PH-AJABrändli BX-2 CherryA.C. van der Hulst711011991cld 25/10/11Rotax 912
PH-AJCBrändli BX-2 CherryJ.E.M. Cortenraad / J. Blenninger (D)671031997cld 28/09/10 to D-E?Continental C90-8F
PH-AJHBrändli BX-2 CherryA.C. van der Hulst1991922005Rotax 912 ULS
PH-AMJBrändli BX-2 CherryJ.G.H. Hermsen2132202009cld 08/10/21BMW R1200GS
PH-CBXBrändli BX-2 CherryA. Kievit 1541422011cld 10/07/19BMW R1200GS
PH-GDTBrändli BX-2 CherryP. Boer / M.G. Kaandorp-2202021UL Power 260i
PH-KLJBrändli BX-2 CherryW. Timmermans1821681996cld 18/01/21BMW R1000S
PH-LVKBrändli BX-2 CherryL. van Kesteren1091181995w/o 31/10/97 Middelburg?
PH-OOYBrändli BX-2 CherryB.J. Kroes0150921992w/o 02/08/13 Emden (D)BMW R1100S
PH-PEIBrändli BX-2 CherryA.D. Advocaat1301221998w/o 25/04/04 Pouilloux (F)Rotax 912
PH-POSBrändli BX-2 CherryL. Soenens / G. Post1172261996ex OO-137Continental C90-8F
PH-REKBrändli BX-2 CherryE.L.M. Oomen / O. Zodl1572272004cld 06/01/11 to OE-COMContinental C90-8F
PH-RJHBrändli BX-2 CherryR.J. H. de Leeuw / A. Kievit1361271992cld 15/07/05 to OE-?BMW R1100S
PH-TBJBrändli BX-2 CherryA. Gremmen2142312010based EDWXBMW 1200GS
PH-VINBrändli BX-2 CherryJ. H. Zier391212001cld. 15/12/20, stored LelystadBMW R1100S
PH-VWCBrändli BX-2 CherryR. Schroeder / R. J. H. de Leeuw / J. van Wendel321942012Project changed owner 2xBMW R1150GS
PH-VWLBrändli BX-2 CherryW.H. Mijnen2082052008cld 05/10/21Rotax 912 UL DCDI
PH-YCMBrändli BX-2 CherryL.M.C. Schoenmakers1641452004cld 18/01/21BMW R1150GS
-Brändli BX-2 CherryJ.J. Peijnenborg160149-Under construction??
-Brändli BX-2 CherryP. Cernjavski-238-Under construction??
-Brändli BX-2 CherryG. van der Garde184248-Under construction??
(PH-PET)Brändli BX-2 CherryG.H. Cleas (OO)-2372005Non-comformal NVAV-quality?