Overview Pilatus PC-12 in the Netherlands

The Pilatus PC-12 is a versatile aircraft. This single-engine turboprop is the global leader in its segment. Over the years, the PC-12 has been updated several times. The PC-12 is also quite popular in the Netherlands.

PH-ONE Pilatus PC-12/47E (Lelystad, 19 FEB 2021)

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Last update:  2023-06-27 15:31:17.

Pilatus PC-12 in the Netherlands

PH-ACPPilatus PC-12/47E1841Agro Care Green Services B.V.7/29/2022Activeex SP-PPP, D-FDDD, HB-FQZ
PH-BBAPilatus PC-12/47E NGX2221Merago Air B.V.4/3/2023Activeex HB-FRZ(23) dd 27-03-23
PH-BRAPilatus PC-12/47E1735Brizano Nederland B.V.9/12/2017Activeex HB-FSX
PH-CYPPilatus PC-12/47E1687SMT Aviation LTD (Cyprus)2/16/2018Activeex HB-FWE
PH-CZDPilatus PC-12/47E1004Alibrent B.V.2/5/201911/18/2020ex N869TW, HB-FQV, to ZS-CON
PH-DIXPilatus PC-12/45309Din-Air B.V.5/4/2000Activeex HB-FRG
PH-ECCPilatus PC-12/45107Elas Professional Services Network B.V.7/26/200011/23/2016ex N62JT, HB-FQD, to N207ST
PH-JCVPilatus PC-12/47E NGX2030Pilair S.a.r.l. (LX)9/4/202012/14/2021ex HB-FSW, to LX-VAD
PH-JFSPilatus PC-12/45477Eurofilters Holding (B)2/20/20038/1/2022ex (PH-JKS), HB-FPD, HB-FQH , to D-FJGA
PH-NGXPilatus PC-12/47E NGX2210RONIC bvba (B) / SESOS Group B.V.3/1/2023Activeex HB-FJV
PH-ONEPilatus PC-12/47E1461De Hondert Margen B.V.7/7/202011/16/2022ex D-FKJM, HB-FVX, to OE-EAI
PH-PNGPilatus PC-12/47E1121H.J. Heijst8/11/1992Activeex HB-FQU
PH-RULPilatus PC-12/47E1130E.S. Management B.V.6/7/200910/16/2009ex HB-FRD, w/o 16-10-2009 Weert
PH-SCHPilatus PC-12/47E10086/5/2023Activeex OH-GLS, LX-TAI, HB-FQZ
PH-SFFPilatus PC-12/47E1507JOMAHO SRL (B)8/27/2020Activeex D-FTON, (D-FTOM), (D-FAAA), HB-FQC
PH-SFGPilatus PC-12/47E NGX2107Acquario Invest B.V. / Silver Flight B.V.3/14/2022Activeex D-FFFF, HB-FQD
PH-SFHPilatus PC-12/47E NGX2112Acquario Invest B.V. / Silver Flight B.V.6/13/2022Activeex D-FJED, HB-FQI
PH-SFIPilatus PC-12/47E NGX2141JRR Holding B.V. / Silver Flight B.V.5/16/2023Activeex D-FKAI, HB-FRM(22)
PH-SOEPilatus PC-12/47E1101H.M. Van Soest (B) / Safeline Corporation N.V. (Curaçao)12/8/2009Activeex HB-FQA, OY-PNG, HB-FQA
PH-VTKPilatus PC-12/45595Windsor Beheer B.V.7/31/2017Activeex N212LT, HB-FRG
PH-WMCPilatus PC-12/45378West Aviation I6/14/20013/22/2002to HB-FPA, N378HH
PH-WPBPilatus PC-12/47E1874Bonita Aviation5/28/2019Activeex HB-FSE
PH-XIIPilatus PC-12/45550De Hondert Margen B.V.6/1/20045/13/2016to SP-EMA