Productionlist Aviamilano / Aeromere / Laverda F.8L Falco

A limited number of aircraft of the Italian F.8L Falco were built at three different factories (Aviamilano, Aeromere and Laverda) between 1955 and 1968. In our production list, we limit ourselves to those aircraft. The homebuilt Sequoia F.8L Falco’s have been excluded.

EI-BCJ Aeromere F.8L Falco III (Schaffen Diest, 19 AUG 2014)

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Aviamilano/Aeromere/Laverda F.8L Falco

101Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoFalco PROTOTYPE1955D-ECPOI-FIUM, I-RAIDFF 15/06/55, w/o 10/06/67, cld 16/08/67
102Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco I1956I-TRIPacc 14/04/13 awaiting repairs
103Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II-AMAMw/o 23/06/59
104Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco IZK-RNAI-ERNAw/o 06/02/99
105WebsiteF.8L Falco I1956HB-UOHG-KYNG, I-KYNG, HB-UOH, I-STRI
106Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco I1956I-VINCET-ABZ, OE-ACW, I-MOGA
107Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II-BENGw/o 25/09/66
108Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II-IAIAw/o 13/09/81
109Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II-YNARw/o 25/03/62
110Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II-RALAw/o 28/05/72
111Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco I1956I-CIRE
112Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II1957I-CHIM
113Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco III-ARIEw/o 31/07/60 or 03/08/60
114Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II1958I-EEOBG-OCDS, G-VEGL, OO-MEN, I-VEGL, D-EEOB
115Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II1957HB-UOKI-DAREw/o 24/05/03
116Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco III-PUCK
117Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II1958G-ROVII-ROVIw/o 09/09/89
118Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II1957I-TINI
119Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II1958I-MIKI
120Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II1957I-ALCO
121Aviamilano Construzioni Aeronautiche MilanoF.8L Falco II1958I-TOBRw/o 18/06/60
201Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1959D-ENIB (2)D-ENEBwfu since 06/87, 27/02/20 as D-ENIB (2)
202Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1958I-CECI
203Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1959D-ENIBacc 03/01/08
204Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1959EI-BCJG-ATAK, D-ENYB
205Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1959D-ESHPLX-AIW, D-ENUB
206Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1959D-ENOB
207Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1960F-BJEJw/o 19/09/93 cld 09/02/95
208Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1959G-PDGGOO-TOS, I-BLIZacc 24/09/18, fate ?
209Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1959G-APUOw/o 31/01/60
210Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1959D-EKEZ
211Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIIOE-AVUD-EKIZcld 01/12/69
212Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1960N212SFD-EKUZ
213Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1960I-NUALw/o 09/01/83
214Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIID-EKYZw/o 26/04/62
215Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1969I-GEOR
216Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1960N304SFEI-BBT, G-APXD
217Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIII-MARBw/o 27 or 29/02/64
218Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIII-GETTw/o 22/11/76
219Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1961I-MILI
220Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIID-EKOZw/o 28/08/65
221Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIII-BAFJw/o 16/08/71
222Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIII-GANAw/o 29/03/81
223Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIII-COBAw/o 02/07/61
224Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1961G-FALCG-AROT
225Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1961I-EMME
226Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIID-ELUW
227Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIID-EHHEHB-UOI, D-EHHE
228Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIIHB-UOBdbf 17/01/74
229Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIII-GIASw/o 07/06/81
230Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1962HB-UOGG-AZAY, D-EFAK
231Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIID-ENSIw/o 28/01/68
232Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIID-EKMK
233Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIIF-PBECF-BNAS, LX-AIY, I-LEPG, (D-EBQE, ntu)
234Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco III1962D-EDPU(D-ENSO, ntu)
235Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIID-ELTLD-ECPEcld 27/02/12 as WFU Coburg, res D-ELTL 24/01/20
236Aeromere S.p.a. TrentoF.8L Falco IIII-BEEPw/o 13/05/63
401Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1964HB-UOCI-FRALw/o 08/08/82
402Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1964HB-UODD-ELXE
403Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1964D-ERJWG-ORJW, D-ELDV, D-ELDYacc 05/04/20 awaiting repairs
404Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IVOH-FAAD-EOEA, G-ASYM, D-ECFA,w/o 06/06/80
405Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IVD-EKHU
406Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IVD-EHDA
407Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1965I-ELZA
408Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1965I-SALE
409Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1965I-SAMAI-LACHw/o 13/09/02
410Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1966I-ANERHB-UOE, OY-DKHw/o 25/07/11
411Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IVI-BALYw/o 02/06/69
412Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IVG-AVUJdbf 06/09/79
413Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV?no details known
414Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1968F-HRSNI-EDGY, OY-BKC
415Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IVD-EMMQ
416Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1968EI-BMFG-AWSUw/o 10/04/10
417Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1968D-ERTHD-EHNI, D-EFEV
418Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IVD-EBBR
419Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1967I-MAMY
420Laverda S.p.a.F.8L Falco IV1968D-EMMR