Productionlist Comte AC-4 Gentleman

Swiss aviation pioneer Alfred Comte has a number of aircraft designs to his credit. His most successful creation was the Comte AC-4 Gentleman. Only eleven examples of this model were built in Switzerland between 1928 and 1931. Only three of these have survived.

HB-ETI Comte AC-4 Gentleman (Sion, SEP 2017)

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Comte AC-4 Gentleman

CH-225Comte AC-4 Gentleman131928Gipsy Major II7/9/1928w/o 30-9-1929rebuilt to Warner WF.21 (c/n 5), to HB-AFA, F-PBXT
CH-212Comte AC-4 Gentleman141929Gipsy Major II1/23/1929cld 19-10-1930
HB-ETIComte AC-4 Gentleman151929Gipsy Major II3/19/1929Still flyingex CH-180
HB-ETOComte AC-4 Gentleman161929Gipsy Major II3/19/1929w/o 13-7-1951ex CH-236
HB-OTOComte AC-4 Gentleman171929Gipsy Major II6/24/1929w/o 31-12-1954ex CH-244
HB-ALEComte AC-4 Gentleman181929Gipsy Major II6/24/1929w/o 31-12-1950ex CH-187
HB-USIComte AC-4A Gentleman331930Gipsy Major II8/7/1930cld 26-4-1976ex CH-249, std Dübendorf
HB-IKOComte AC-4 Gentleman341930Genet Major9/18/1930cld 10-11-2010ex D-ELIS, HB-IKO, CH-262, std Langenthal
HB-KILComte AC-4 Gentleman351930Gipsy Major II11/18/1930cld 16-4-1962ex CH-264
HB-UHUComte AC-4 Gentleman361930Gipsy Major II10/31/1930cld 20-10-1946ex CH-263
HB-EPEComte AC-4 Gentleman371931Gipsy Major II4/23/1931cld 10-12-1947ex CH-265, was used as CH-265 by Swiss AF '31-'36