Productionlist Diamond DA 50 RG (50C)

The single-engine Diamond DA 50 RG (officially designated DA 50C) is actually a Diamond DA 62 but with not two engines in the wings, but one on the nose. In the Netherlands, the first aircraft worldwide (PH-TAX) was ordered and delivered in October 2021.

PH-TAX Diamond DA 50 RG (Lelystad, 2 APR 2023)

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Last update:  2023-09-08 18:49:33.

Diamond DA 50 RG (50C)

OE-VSODiamond DA 50 Superstar50.001No retractable gear, FF 04/04/07
OE-VLSDiamond DA 50L.1 Magnum5L.001No retractable gear, FF 14/05/08, cvtd to DA50-JP7 Turbine
OE-VSODiamond DA 50 RG50.002
OE-VVVDiamond DA 50 RG50.003
OE-VTWDiamond DA 50 RG50.004
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.005Produced?
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.006Produced?
N150RGDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.007ex OE-UDX, OE-VPU, Demonstator Diamond Canada
G-SORGDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.008ex OE-UDY
PH-TAXDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.009dd 29/10/21, based EHLE
HB-RTTDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.010ex OE-VPT, dd 31/08/21 based LSZB
HB-DTTDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.011ex OE-DXX, was demo aircraft in China
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.012
OO-RDRDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.013dd 29/10/21, based EHSE/EBAW
G-DOGADiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.014
HB-DMSDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.015
YR-STGDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.016
OE-DSDDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.017based Cyprus?
D-EOTFDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.018
D-EMVHDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.019all white
G-YNWADiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.020
PH-HJBDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.021dd 20/07/22, based EHKD
PH-ASNDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.022dd 21+22/07/22, based EHLE
HB-DTCDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.023
3A-MYPDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.024
T7-BKKDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.025
S5-DUBDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.026
G-CMJZDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.027
OO-HANDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.028dd 13/11/22, based EHBD, w/o 02/09/23 EHBD
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.029
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.030
D-EWFFDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.031
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.032
D-ERJLDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.033
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.034
OH-TAMDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.035
G-OUTYDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.036based EGGP
D-EFYYDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.037
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.038
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.039
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.040
OE-DSODiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.041
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.042
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.043
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.044
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.045
LN-FRIDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.046ex OE-VPT Blue/silver/orange at factory 19/06/23
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.047
G-CMOEDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.048
?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.049
PH-WOIDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.050on oder, del OCT23, based EHLA
N53RGDiamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.052on order, del OCT23 PREMIER AIRCRAFT SALES INC
PH-?Diamond DA 50 RG50.C.A.A.064on oder
D-EEJSDiamond DA 50 RG?dd 13/01/23, based EDSB
N417RDiamond DA 50 RG?Demo EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2023