Productionlist Partenavia / Vulcanair AP68TP–600 Viator

The AP68TP-600 Viator from Italy’s Partenavia (and later Vulcanair) did not become very populiar. Only a handful of aircraft were built of it. The model originated from the Partenavia P.68.

D-ISGS Vulcanair AP68TP–600 A-Viator (Lelystad, 6 APR 2018)

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Partenavia / Vulcanair AP68TP–600 Viator

N901TP, I-RAIL Partenavia AP68TP–600 Viator9001cld 13/06/2013
T7-BMM, D-IVIS, 5R-MKC, N902TP, I-AITN Partenavia AP68TP–600 Viator9002
4X-IPZ. N903TP, 9L-LBC Partenavia AP68TP–600 Viator9003
N904TP, C9-ATQ, ZS-MGI Partenavia AP68TP–600 Viator9004cld 07/03/2018
I-TLRN Partenavia AP68TP–600 Viator9005
I-AITE Partenavia AP68TP–600 Viator9006w/o, cld 20/03/2011
ZS-OYN Partenavia AP68TP–600 Viator9007
? Vulcanair AP68TP–600 Viator9008Never build?
? Vulcanair AP68TP–600 Viator9009Never build?
D-ISGS, HB-LRZ, VH-PNW Vulcanair AP68TP–600 Viator9010
F-HSKJ, I-PDVB, I-EASD Vulcanair AP68TP–600 Viator9011