Productionlist Radial Rocket

A self-built rocket with radial motor is how the Radial Rocket is best described. The Radial Rocket is a composite aircraft to build yourself. The building kits of the Radial Rocket are provided by Spectre Aeronautics. They acquired the rights in 2019 from Altitude Group LLC. which did the development. A nine-cylinder Russian Vedeneyev M-14P radial engine has been chosen as the engine. This impressive powerplant, which we also know from the Yakovlev Yak-52, produces 360 to 400 hp (268 to 298 kW). And besides fine power, an unmistakable sound comes out when the throttle is pushed forward.

N903WT Altitude Radial Rocket RG (Oshkosh, JUL 2022)

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Radial Rocket

N273MPAltitude P8512014
N364RRadial Rocket TD1042004cld 01/11/2012
N385BVRadial Rocket TD1082020
N91TXRadial Rocket TD1102011?cr 19/09/2011
N69PERadial Rocket TD1122007
N101GTRadial Rocket TD1162012
ZU-IJPRadial Rocket TD1182019
N903WTRadial Rocket RG117RG2012
N258HMRadial Rocket RG120RG2017
HB-Radial RocketUnder construction
VH-Radial RocketUnder construction