Productionlist Ryan SCW-145

The Ryan SCW-145 was designed by T. Claude Ryan. It evolved from the Ryan ST trainer. The SCW-145 was intended to be a comfortable plane and was made entirely of metal. It accommodated three people. The cockpit canopy was designed to slide backwards. Only 12 aircraft were eventually built before the outbreak of World War II. These aircraft had c/ns 201 to 212. Number 213 was built in 1941 and number 214 in 1959. The latter two were assembled from parts still available. In total, production thus remained at 14 examples.

N17372 Ryan SCW-145 (Oshkosh, JUL 2022)

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Ryan SCW-145

N17372Ryan SCW-145201cvtd from SC-150, ex XA-CUT, (N)X17372
N18908Ryan SCW-145202cld
N830ERyan SCW-145203
?Ryan SCW-145204cld
N18911Ryan SCW-145205cvtd Continental E185 engine, cld, to France
N18912Ryan SCW-145206
?Ryan SCW-145207cld
N18914Ryan SCW-145208
?Ryan SCW-145209cld
N18915Ryan SCW-145210
VH-SCWRyan SCW-145211ex N46207
?Ryan SCW-145212cld
?Ryan SCW-145213cld
N18900Ryan SCW-145214